No single policy change is going to bring justice or stop police violence altogether. But if we take a stand for these Concrete changes in practice, Raleigh City Council and Police Department can take a real step forward.


  • Work to create a Community Oversight Board that has power to investigate, subpoena, and discipline officers when there is injustice.
  • Strengthen the department’s anti-bias policing policy with real, regular checks on officers’ stop-and-search data.


  • Improve officer training and expand Crisis Intervention Training.
  • Reduce the bias in stops and searches by requiring written consent-to-search forms.
  • End the biased enforcement of marijuana possession by deprioritizing marijuana enforcement.


  • Implement a body-worn camera program that protects people’s rights, privacy and access.


  • Create opportunities for positive relationships between community and police by
    • Increasing foot patrol hours
    • Ensuring day patrol for officers who are primarily on night patro